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Make the commitment to reclaim your BEST Body at ProBody

SWEAT Group Workout:

A full-body, fat-burning cardio blast! Tone-up with our boot camp-style circuit moving at a lively pace through 30 stations with light weights, mixing it up with low-impact boxing, cardio sprints, lots of legs, bumm & abs to get your heart rate pumping! Rest as needed working at your own pace, building up the intensity as you become more fit. We're here to encourage you -- motivate, coach, cajole, and inspire you!! Perfect for all fitness levels. Saturdays 9:00 - 9:50, Thursdays 9:30 - 10:20

Personal Training Sessions:

Clients are encouraged to train with a partner. We are happy to partner you with one or more of our other clients compatible with your fitness level. Clinic-style sessions are offered to provide the same program and level of customized training at a moderate price. A minimum twelve week program is recommended, however not required, to realize your goals. All training sessions include a complimentary towel and water bottle.
ONE-ON-ONE: One trainer, one client
ONE-ON-TWO: One trainer, two clients
ONE-ON-THREE: One trainer, three clients, at our specially-equipped training station

Here's what your ProBody workout will include:

Cardio Warm Up-- Signal the body a workout is coming, get blood flowing and warm the muscles in preparation for your workout.

Cardio Training-- Get the oxygen flowing, condition your heart and lungs, and burn fat with our interval training method.

Stretch Sequence-- Warmed muscles give way to stretching. Increase flexibility and release tightened muscles and stress.

Weight Training-- Focus the mind to build strength, re-shape your body, and promote bone density retention and lean body mass.

Cool Down-- Transition your body gently from warm working state to cool normal state.

Neuroacoustic Therapy-- "The reward": luxuriate in the zero-gravity reclined position with warming stones and aromatherapy. Relax as soothing scientifically orchestrated sound waves designed to stimulate the brains' neuro transmitters trigger the relax response and promote stress reduction with an increase in clarity, focus and creativity.
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