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ProBody Corporate Fitness provides the development and management of on-site employee training programs, including fitness center design and procurement of equipment. Training programs are customized to enhance your corporate culture and meet the needs of your employees. Corporate fitness benefits inspire health and wellness helping to keep your team at peak performance levels. Corporate fitness programs may also be effective in reducing health insurance costs and sick days, boosting employee loyalty and moral and enhancing the work environment.

Group and/or individual training sessions may be designed. Compatible groups create the best results, and the most enjoyment for all. After an initial assessment of each participant, we are able to place employees in groups of 4-6 participants. Larger group "boot camp-style" workouts may also be created for up to 20 participants.

ProBody also offers corporations the option to incorporate the "mental health" portion of the workout by purchasing one or more neuroacoustic therapy chairs and creating an area for this "reward" after the workout, or at any time of day. Neuroacoustic therapy is used by companies such as Nike, Mattel and Cisco to improve employee performance level, productivity and to reduce sick days.

Additionally, ProBody is able to offer a delivered "healthy lunch" option to corporations to be delivered fresh on-site daily. A great convenience to employees as well as being effective in improving nutrition and contributing to weight loss goals.

Contact: Rona Chowenhill, Owner, ProBody 914-643-4660.

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