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ProBody Personal Training
Exercise and Then Hit the 'Musical' Chair

By Christina Occhipinti
Westchester County Business Journal

Rona Chowenhill is a jack-of-all-trades. She's dabbled in retail, merchandising, interior design, personal training and publishing. Now she can add entrepreneur to her list. Chowenhill has taken aspects from her previous work experiences and, with a very hands-on approach, she molded them to create her new business venture, ProBody, in Mount Kisco...Read More!

Westchester Magazine: Best of Westchester 2006

The reward for sweating yourself silly is a post-workout relaxation session in the "tranquility tent." Recline your "neuroacoustic therapy chair" (a.k.a. lounger) to a "zero gravity" position as warming stones and aromatherapy erase the memory of exercise-induced agony. Sound waves are scientifically orchestrated supposedly to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and increase mental clarity. Who cares if it really works? At least you're off your feet.

Gym Also Offers Patrons Spa Experience: ProBody Owner Wants to Reward Her Clients After Workout

By Beth Bar
The Patent Trader

When Rona Chowenhill of Mount Kisco decided to open a gym in her hometown devoted solely to personal training, she knew that offering clients a serious workout in a spa-like atmosphere was something they would appreciate.

"I wanted to create a luxury spa environment in a place that would allow people to make strong changes to their body," said Chowenhill, who opened ProBody seven weeks ago...Read More!

Westchester's First Luxury Personal Training Center

The Bedford Pound Ridge Record Review

ProBody, a revolutionary new personal training and neuro fitness center has just opened its doors at 59 Kensico Drive in Mount Kisco. Inspired by a true passion for weight training, its many attributes, and its incredible effectiveness in sculpting the physique while building the mind, body and spirit, ProBody's unique environment blends upscale "spa" with hardcore "gym". ProBody sets itself apart as the first fitness center to combine an all-encompassing workout with neuroacoustic therapy. Touted for its ability to reduce stress and lower heart rate, neuroacoustic therapy uses select alpha, beta and theta sound waves to stimulate the brains' neuro transmitters and, according to the scientifically orchestrated 'music' selected, triggers the relax response......Read More!

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