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Gym Also Offers Patrons Spa Experience:
ProBody Owner Wants to Reward Her Clients After Workout

by Beth Bar
The Patent Trader

When Rona Chowenhill of Mount Kisco decided to open a gym in her hometown devoted solely to personal training, she knew that offering clients a serious workout in a spa-like atmosphere was something they would appreciate.

"I wanted to create a luxury spa environment in a place that would allow people to make strong changes to their body," said Chowenhill, who opened ProBody seven weeks ago.

From the custom-designed silver warm-up wrestling mat to the Kiehl's and Frederic Fekkai beauty products available for after a workout, ProBody, at 59 Kensico Ave., pampers clients as they work toward their fitness goals.

This indulgence does not come cheap, however: One-on-one training is $100 per hour; one trainer, two clients, is $75 each an hour; one trainer and three clients is $65 each; and one trainer with four clients is $50 each.

Now through Aug. 31, 12-week packages are 20 percent off.

"I am trying to help people get their act together for the summer," Chowenhill said.

In-home training sessions are $200 an hour, and private training sessions are priced on request.

Chowenhill, a former interior designer, also offers a customized home gym design service. This includes an in-home consultation, the creation of a floor plan, and equipment selection and procurement.

In opening ProBody, Chowenhill said she was inspired by her passion for weight training. She has been bodybuilding for nearly 20 years (she was an early member at New York City's first women's bodybuilding gym) and a personal trainer at the Sports Training Institute in New York.

She also freelanced as a fitness writer and editor.

At the end of every session, clients can sit in neuroacoustic sound chairs. The chairs, when set in the "zero-gravity" position, transmit low-frequency signals to the body which act like electronic tuning forks. These "forks" connect the body with the music being played.

Chowenhill said the chairs, used by such companies as Nike and Mattel, reduce stress and increase relaxation and clarity.

Chowenhill provides heated stones and aromatherapy to make the experience complete.

"I really wanted something as a reward for clients after they exercise," she said. "It pulls them through the workout."

A typical training session at ProBody consists of a 5-minute warm-up, 20 minutes of cardio conditioning, a 5-minute stretch sequence, 45 minutes of weight training, a 5-minute cool-down and 10 minutes in the neuroacoustic sound chairs.

A minimum 12-week program is recommended, but not required, to achieve results.

Gretchen Menzies of Bedford, 34, and her friend Lisa Brotmann of Pound Ridge, 37, were exercising at ProBody earlier this month. Menzies has been working out with Chowenhill for a month and Brotmann for two weeks.

"I love that it is a personal trainer with a unique spa feeling," Menzies said. "We work out, get a spa treatment and hang out with friends, all in an hour and a half."

Menzies has had back problems in the past, so she said it was nice to have a personal trainer.

"It's nice to have Rona checking on me. I know that I'm doing each exercise correctly," she said.

Brotmann admitted that the workout has been a challenge.

"I'm definitely feeling it," she said. "Last week I was especially sore."

Reach Beth Bar at brseltze@lohud.com.

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