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Welcome to ProBody, the Ultimate Personal Training Experience for EVERY Body.
ProBody's unique environment blends upscale "spa" with hardcore "gym" in a private and personal setting. We work with a broad range of clients from those trying to lose weight and shape up, to serious athletes training for their next event. Each training program is custom designed to meet our client's goals. Our other specialties include; youth sport specific training, senior wellness, pre/post natal fitness, and on-site corporate wellness programs.

ProBody's all inclusive training method results in total fitness inside and out. Designed for a complete workout, the ProBody session consists of; weight training, cardio interval conditioning, stretch/flexibility sequence, and "the reward" for mental wellness and stress relief -- our exclusive neuroacoustic therapy.

ProBody is a revolutionary personal training center, and the first to offer neuroacoustic therapy as the "Reward" at the end of the workout for mind*body fitness. Inspired by a true passion for weight training and its incredible effectiveness in sculpting the body while strengthening the mind, ProBody sets itself apart as the ONLY fitness center to combine an all-encompassing workout with a spa-like reward -- neuroacoustic therapy. Touted for its ability to reduce stress and lower heart rate, neuroacoustic therapy uses scientifically orchestrated sound waves to stimulate the brains' neuro transmitters and trigger the relax response. Pavlovian by design, clients soon associate their challenging workouts with the tranquility of the neuroacoustic therapy reward, and enjoy this newly created positive reinforcement.

740 Bedford Road (across from CVS), Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Phone: (914)244-0075, E-mail: Probodypt@aol.com

All Text & Images copyright 2006 Rona Chowenhill, ProBody Personal Training

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